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Salt Smarts

Salt Smarts

An easy to use application to compute, track, and share your fertilizer methods. Used for any scale be it direct additions, concentrates, and stock tanks.
Knowledge Base to get anyone from any background well acquainted with proper fertigation practices. Send the computations to our Fertilizer Factory to have the custom nutrient blend produced and on your doorstep at a click of a button.

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Our Large Agriculture Data System (LADS) System indexes, correlates, cross-references, and computes over aggregated information for almost every aspect of agriculture. Associate and view data ranging from the cost of consumed products, utilities, fertilizers, plant data, physical systems, economies, and more to produce efficiencies in crop production, and business management.

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ADA is our turn-key automation driven agriculture platform. It works in any environment, big or small, with any system, for almost any crop. Pull in historical data, set operational parameters, cross-reference data from LADS, and the system takes care of the rest. The adaptive physical layer is deployable indoors, outdoors, hard-wired to power and data, or wireless and solar powered.

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Even with all the available knowledge, technology, and ability, education is paramount to knowing why, what, and how. Thallo Tech partners with not just companies but communities as well to provide localized hands-on experience with budding agriculture tech, and provide classes and information to anyone interested in reducing waste, producing food, and connecting with local farms.

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Salt Smarts

Industry leading fertilizer computation and management application

Factoring Fertilizers

Salt Smarts is an application to intelligently compute, track, and share the fertilizer requirements of any crop. Start by submitting your water source analysis, and select your desired crop or input custom fertilizer targets. Choose the fertilizer components you have available or let Salt Smarts suggest the components to complete your computation. From there Salt Smarts produces figures to guide you through fertilizer mixing and production, hints and suggestions that might be unique to the components or ratios used, color coded charts, and interactive formula modification. Of course users are able to store, track, and share fertilizer computations, but also have the custom fertilizer produced for them and on their door step in an few clicks.

Salt Smarts Salt Smarts Salt Smarts Salt Smarts Salt Smarts

Guidance Systems

Using some software can be complicated, sometimes involving intensive training or in-depth research. Salt Smarts guides you every step of the way with helpful hints, information, an application tour, and practical live hand-on demonstrations.

If more information is desired, there's even a knowledge base to guide through not only the application but general information over fertigation and plant nutrition.

No clue at all? Included is an (un)official For Dummies guide.



Large Agriculture Data System

Expansive Data Stores

In setting up a simple grow operation one has to assess environment factors, size, equipment, systems, crop trends, cost of operation, and it can become even more complicated from there. LADS has all this data and more available, from weather metrics, to resource pricing.

Timing the Trends

Many data sets are accessible as a function of time, such as the cost of electricity or weather metrics. Not only does LADS make traversing a query scope through time easy, but using that data can extrapolate information on commodities, markets, financial trajectory, and consumption rates.

Vividly Visual

Not only is LADS available to list and cross reference data sets, but it's able to visualize the data as well. Chart commodity or resource pricing over time across a map of North America for example, or maybe graph the distribution and cost of produce.

Associative Storage Mechanics

Not only does LADS provide data, it can also store new data. This new data can be expanded upon to create its own data set, or setup with a relational model to cross reference other data sets. The new data is accessible via LADS programatically on external sourced storage, and peering can be arranged to increase accessibility and distribution efforts.

Powerful Panel

Access the data stored within LADS with a dynamic web panel. Pull in raw metrics dumped from the databases, or use the visual query builder to select data spatially. From there apply it to various visual representations and cross reference other metrics for a more complete overview.

API Accessable

To power many of our platforms LADS is used to fuel algorithmic data analysis and populate information ledgers. We've made that same powerful API available to the public for use to extend functionality of external applications and collaborations.

Learn more and access LADS Launch


Automation Driven Agriculture

Fully Responsive

ADA is not an application only available in a certain set of app stores or just on a stationary computer. The technology behind ADA allows access from any device or platform, all that's required is an Internet connection and web browser. ADA scales up and down to any size screen or device without limiting features or usability.

Total Security

Not only is data encrypted over the wire and in the storage layer, but ADA has an unparalleled ACL. Allow employees to only have access to specific functions and sections, set permissions for your accountant to only be able to view book keeping data. Physically, attach motion sensing cameras and have alerts sent through ADA via text, phone, and email.

ADA Dashboard

Immersive Experience

ADA is not only the platform for managing our automation technology, the modularity of the platform allows ADA to be the entire technological backbone of an operation. Set your robots and automation parameters, check metrics and statistics. Pull in additional LADS datasets to compare results, attach the Salt Smarts fertilizer computation engine to allow you to compute and track your fertilizer regimine right from the ADA panel. You can also use ADA to manage social media, communications and contacts, inventory, accounting, and even point of sale.

Bespoke Devices

Each component in our expansive library of controlled and feedback oriented devices has been rigorously tested, and technologically vetted from the supply chain to the software that controls it. Setup couldn't be easier, new devices are detected on the network, mapped and assigned, labeled and visually programmed.

Massively Mutable

The physical layer is deployable in any environment, indoors or out in the sunshine. Switch from wireless or wired connectivity with the flick of a switch, directly powered, solar powered, with or without built-in battery backup. Uniformity does not affect performance or interoperability, ADA is capable and smart enough to handle many diverse interconnects.


Education, outreach, community engagement

The premise behind our Flourish program is simple but it's vital to progressing everyone's understanding of our food system. We've become separated from the understanding of where our food comes from, how it's made, and who makes it. So long as it is given to us on demand within a few minutes of ordering from the comfort of our car, all is right.

With Flourish our ambassadors engage communities, hold seminars, and provide hands-on demonstrations of current food growing methods, the technology involved, how store bought food gets to your plate, food resiliance, self sustainability, and more.

Our Team

The people that make it all happen

Daniel Rodenburg
Marketing and Strategist

This is a serendipitous use of my talents, degree, and passion all rolled into one. Haven't been this excited about a prospect until my involvement in Thallo Tech

Ken Moini
Chief Technology Officer

Growing up playing in the family garden and with a passion for everything tech, this was a natural evolution for me that enriches not only my life but everyone involved and I'm so lucky for that

Jon Scudder
Chief Operating Manager

It's an exciting time to be alive, and what we're doing is something worth while, everyone wants to feel like they make a difference and I see that in what we do every day

These are the core people who work daily to make Thallo Tech what it is. There are many other people, groups, and businesses we partner with to accomplish our mission objectives. If you are an interested party please contact us.


Press releases, announcements, updates, or otherwise known as Blog posts

January 31st, 2016

Popular Child

A few months ago a unique opportunity presented by the USDA and Microsoft was brought to our attention. In this partnership Microsoft presented the technological platform to store and access the vast amounts of data the USDA has collected. From this collaboration the USDA Innovation Challenge was created and presented by this partnership between the USDA and Microsoft made available as a "hackathon" on the Devpost platform.

Being in the business of big data analysis and agricultural technologies, we saw this as a challenge and took it as an eager opportunity to use the available data and some of our own in house data sets to produce a visual presentation of the provided metrics. This platform was dubbed VAIS, a Visualized Agriculture Information System.

Our interactive application incorporates weather information, production data from the NASS database, and crowd-sourced pricing data to create a meaningful picture of the United States food market. VAIS provides easily accessible, time-series, nation-wide data to help researchers address the vulnerability of the food system by visualizing how the nation’s food supply and production are changing as a direct result of climate change, consumer demand, and productivity. Utilizing our application, agricultural workers will make more informed decisions regarding the production and distribution of commodities across the United States. Integrating data from multiple sources is vital to the resiliency of America’s food supply and our application is a great way to begin addressing the challenges ahead of us.

We entered this competition mainly as a challenge and objective of innovative growth. Being simple in execution was imperative and VAIS provides an abundant amount of information without being buried by raw data. Processing the information in an interactive visual way with maps, charts, and including constantly updating crowd sourced data transforms the data into a form that's more easily digested.

To the delight of everyone VAIS quickly garnered public attention. We were proud when the competition winners were announced that VAIS was given the Popular Choice Award.

VAIS is a platform we'll continue to develop and is publicly available for use online, and via source distribution on GitHub for any other party to utilize, expand upon, and communally contribute to.


December 1st, 2015

New Site

Welcome to the new Thallo Tech website. We've retooled our primary portal to better display our products, services, and information. It's been designed responsively to make it available to any platform, desktop, tablet, and mobile with all the same features and all the same information! Not only has our main website been redesigned and retooled in this fashion, but all of our products, services, and technologies have also been given the same platform independent advantage.

Now a farmer no longer needs to take a laptop out into the field to log data or access his stored aggregate information. The same technologies and platforms are accessible on any device, from a cell phone, to tablet, to desktop. No apps to install on your devices, no special permissions, with all the same functions you get on a full scale computing system.

An individual who uses our systems at home to track supplementary food systems can check up on their crops from the train ride home to time out on vacation. All of this produces an easy to use and accessible platform and peace of mind in any agricultural endeavour.


November 3rd, 2015

Joining the Ranks

Our core group of members is a tight niche selection. We all have the same goal and motives. Today, we're proud to accept our newest member Daniel Rodenburg, our Marketing lead and Strategist. He's a Middle Tennessee State University graduate with a focus on agriculture sciences and business, so it's a benefit to have him able to wear many hats and be hands-on. His strengths come together and are distributed with his keen sense of social networking skills, marketing, and strategy development.

The connection was formed through a collaborative hospitality endeavour, conversation was started and led to discovering that each of us had similar passions. We all care about how our food is produced, where it comes from, and what we can do to feed ourselves more efficiently and educate others to do the same. With his education and experience in not only the agricultural field, but also in marketing and business strategy he has been a seamless and key integration into our team and the forward movements of Thallo Tech.

Daniel has fine tuned our marketing strategies, publications, in addition to creating leaner methodologies to our daily operations and long term goals. We're all excited and looking forward to our mutual growth and the collaborative plans in store.


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